Rocky Bevins

Web Developer. Contact me if you have an interesting project.



I have been freelancing for the past eight years and am currently not accepting new projects. When not working I'm probably hacking on something on my GitHub page. I am currently writing a mud server, RockMUD and opening a real-time node app for B2C relationships called Manager Message.


I have a decent record of delivering code on time, pretty good by software standards. If you need a developer to knock out user stories mostly on time I'm your guy.


You can contact me for a hand crafted resume. Big-picture I'm into JavaScript, Erlang, correctness, noSQL databases and location based real-time apps right now. That said, here is an arbitrary list of tech I've used in deployed enviroments: JavaScript & Node, JAVA, PHP, Erlang, XML/XSLT, Mongo/Redis/CouchDB, SQL, Lotus Notes & Domino, JSP, ANT, HTML5, REST, SVN/GIT, CSS2-3 and some frameworks like CakePHP, Express, and ChicagoBoss.

getting in touch

If you need a programmer or just want to talk about programming then I'd love to hear from you. You can find me on GitHub, Facebook & Linkedin.If you need to reach me the best way is to email